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Podcast #95 Biology and Multi-sensory Learning with Susie Nyman

biology dr susie nyman dyslexia dyslexia test Sep 07, 2022

Dr Susie Nyman is one of those teachers you’d want your children to have. She is very passionate about how students learn differently using multi-sensory learning. When she was a child she noticed she learnt better using textbooks that incorporated cartoon images.  When she had her son she noticed he couldn’t remember his spelling when he wrote on blue paper, so she tried different coloured paper instead. That’s when her son started to remember his spellings! 

In school, where she taught biology she used props such as a giant heart, which students could go and put sticky notes on. These notes were colour-coded to differentiate between the deoxygenated and oxygenated parts. She used auditory learning by singing the keywords to a popular song and sometimes they shaped coloured playdough to identify different parts.  Multi-sensory teaching stimulates the brain in many ways and can improve the learning process. 

This week, we discover the dyslexia story of Dr. Susie Nyman and her unconventional ways of teaching science. She also shared a lot of tips for students, parents and teachers.

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