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Students with Dyslexia need a way to Organise Ideas Visually!

Students with dyslexia struggle in an education system not designed for the way their minds work. It’s widely understood that dyslexia affects reading. It can also make it difficult for students to organise ideas into coherent essays.

According to British Dyslexia Association, 10% of students have dyslexia and most are unaware of it. They struggle in an education system that’s not designed for how their minds work.

This means many intelligent teenagers, with dyslexia fail written Exams. Locking them out of further education and opportunities.

We developed a way to equip these children to organise their thoughts visually and complete well-structured essays even under exam conditions.

So that they can have the same opportunities other children have.

The Solution

We developed a unique essay writing tool called the BulletMap Process

It combines mind mapping and Cornell notes with seven crucial dyslexia and executive functioning techniques. All into a one-page process. 


We’ve identified the major barriers that dyslexics face when it comes to learning, comprehension, and effective exam revision.

Our pioneering courses teach how to overcome these barriers by turning dyslexia to their advantage.


Dyslexics are some of the most unrecognised students in school – but not here.

The BulletMap Courses

How to Brainstorm

Get those ideas floating in your head down to a paper.
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The Story Star

Create a full story with proper structure using the Story Star
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Our results are transformative. Children consistently report greater confidence, more independence and less anxiety.

It is ideal to learn this skill early. If you have a child, 9-14 yrs old, anxious about assignments and essays, this can help them now.

With BulletMap, students can write essays for exams such as Common Entrance, GCSE, National 5, Highers, A Levels, and Common Core.

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