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Learn Mind Map Basics Quickly and Thoroughly Using Five Principles.

  1. Discover why people mind map.

  2. Find your mind mapping style

  3. Learn five main principles of mind mapping.

  4. Know which words to put on your branches.

  5. Draw your own mind map


Learn how to mind map. This course will take you as a complete beginner with carefully crafted time lapse videos that condense the normal 6 hours to learn this valuable life long skill into 90 min. Discover how mindmapping can transform your study strategy, saving stress and time. Saving over 2 weeks revision a year. Its especially valuable for working students. You will learn why people map and how to mind map using lots of walk through and time-lapse videos.

Ideal foundation course for High school pupils, University students and working students.

You’ll learn how to create a mind map in a step-by-step fun visual way, as you watch me draw mind maps, so you can see how it's done, and the variety of techniques. It's a simple immersive way to learn how to create mind map notes with a paper and pen.

Mindmap drawing is a simple and powerful learning tool. You can create a mind map straightforwardly with this course. I will show you how the only mindmap tool you need to get started is a paper and pen. You will learn how to mindmap in five easy steps. Using this simple technique you can learn how to create a mind map in an evening.

I’ve designed this course with lots of time-lapse videos of maps being drawn to make it fast and visually engaging. A lot has been fitted into this fast-paced course. All the main mind mapping techniques are covered. It would probably take a 5-hour course in real life to do the same without the time-lapse videos.

The mind map technique is simple, but takes a little practice, especially in selecting keywords. There are some exercises and demonstrations to show how mind mapping works in real life. Knowing what words to put on the branches is an important mind map technique that is often overlooked and needs a little practice. It's normally what trips people up with actually using mind mapping in real life. There are two videos dedicated to this typical hurdle.

The course is full of creative mind map ideas which you can do without being an artist. It's like painting by numbers or colouring in once you know the techniques. See how you don’t need to be artistic to draw a mind map.

You will learn how to draw a mind map by doing the step-by-step walkthrough and drawing a mind map in real time.

Mind mapping is great for revision. I will show you how a basic revision mind map can save you over 60 hours of revision a year for high school, university or professional development.  Revision maps need a strong grasp of finding the keywords to put on the branches. This is a core focus of this course. Keywords are crucial for exam revision and successful mind map revision. 

This course is the foundation for how to use mind mapping for studying. Learning mind mapping as a student is the ideal way to learn the skill. Once you have it you can use it for planning a project, business mind map and mind map brainstorming.

If you are a student I’m sure you will complete this course inspired and equipped with mind map ideas that will save you time and help you learn faster.

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This Course Includes...



This module introduces you to Mind Mapping and what you'll get from this course. 


How to Mind Map Beginner's Basic

This Module gives you the basic skills you'll learn. You'll also discover the 5 core principles of Mind Mapping and get introduced to the Central Image.


Keywords: The Key to Effective Mapping

In this section, You'll learn how to target the most important keywords. You'll also understand why one word per line is paramount to the efficiency of your Mind Maps.


Branches: Increase Structure and Meaning

Most beginners in Mind Mapping have trouble with setting up the branches. This Module will show you where to put keywords on branches. You will also learn the 3 types of Mind Maps.


Why Mind Mapping is Worth it?

In this module, you'll learn what are the top 5 reasons why people choose to Mind Map instead of using notes. I will also show you why you don't have to be an artist to Mind Map.



We'll talk about all the things you've learned through out the course and what are the potential things you can do with this knowledge. 


Learn How to Mind Map

Mind Map for Beginner's Course


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