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Our Top Dyslexia Videos

These videos went viral on our social media pages. Enjoy watching the videos.

A Day with Dyslexia at School

Touching story called "Dear John", Especially the bit where he has the biggest bag in the class, held back at lunchtimes, good at sports and terrible with essays! Worth a watch.
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The "Stick Shift" Mind

What's the difference between a dyslexic brain and a non-dyslexic brain? It's like the difference between a manual car and an automatic car. both are efficient but differ in processing.

What is Dyslexia

We have taken the Dyslexia Scotland PDF explanation of what is dyslexia and turned it into a BulletMap. This is one of our first maps that we did and it's been very popular ever since.

How to Remember for an Exam

How do you remember for an exam. Discover important techniques that can help you remember for an exam.

Have you got a Zero Gravity Mind?

What's going on inside a dyslexics head? Here's one way a dyslexic explains it: Imagine your mind's a workshop.

How Dyslexia Shaped IKEA

Dyslexia solves problems with innovative solutions. IKEA’s founder was dyslexic. See how dyslexia made IKEA work

How to Mindmap with Dyslexia

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Why Spider Diagrams Confuse People

Highschool Challenges Mind Mapping Can Help With​

Dyslexic tweens and teens have different problems in High school. This video talks about the seven big challenges all based on how hard we find organising things. Its a skill we have to learn, rather than a basic ability.


One technique that is very helpful when you take your exam is to visualize your success of that exam. Just by thinking that you would do well in the exam boosts your probability of doing good in the exam. 


"It’s unlocked a door in my daughters memory and revision techniques that
we never thought we would be able to get through."


"Mind mapping got me from a U (Ungraded) to a C. It was the mind map, but it was also the whole motivation thing and the confidence that it gave because I knew what I was doing now was working with the revision."


"What Darius has done is a lot more than a mind mapping course: he taught how to mind map but there's also goal setting - helping the kids be confident."