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Podcast#89 Formal Dyslexia Assessment Can Now Be Done At Home

dyslexia assessment dyslexia association scotland dyslexia test online dyslexia assessment rosie bissett Sep 07, 2022

The outside world, as we know it, has taken a back seat this year, but people are constantly finding other ways to meet their needs. That’s what Rosie Bissett and the rest of the staff at the Dyslexia Association of Ireland understood. They realized that they can’t let everything stop just because we’re stuck at home. “People have needs. We have to find ways to meet those needs,” Rosie expressed. Before the pandemic, people came to clinics to have their dyslexia assessment done, now, associations like the Dyslexia Association of Ireland made dyslexia assessments possible at home. They realized that the vast majority of tests can be done online. Kids might occasionally need parent’s assistance like taking pictures of the spelling tests that they did then send it to the psychologist. It can be a bit time-consuming just in terms of the technicalities but it can be done.

In the podcast interview that the Dyslexia Explored did with Rosie Bissett, the CEO of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland and Chair of the European Dyslexia Association, Rosie mentioned that they are now doing remote dyslexia assessments to accommodate the demand for these types of assessments in Ireland. She also mentioned how remote assessment can be used even after the pandemic as people are more inclined to do things online now. Watch the video of an excerpt from the podcast where Rosie talks about remote dyslexia assessment and the importance of having a formal dyslexia diagnosis not just to have support and exam accommodations but also in changing your perspective and other people’s perspective about you. The transcript of the video is also available below

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