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Podcast #83 Dekko Comics: Reading and Learning in a Different Format

art dekko comics dyslexia rosie stone Sep 07, 2022

Rossie Stone was the very first guest we featured here in Dyslexia Explored. In that Episode, h shared how he came up with creating a company, Dekko Comics, that takes real school subjects and makes them easy to absorb for kids through fun and visually engaging comics. 

This time, Rossie came to the show to share more of what happened since we last had him. A continuation of our conversation, Rossie talked about the things he learned at Art School and how they changed his perspective on turning his dream into a reality. He also shared what they went through as a company and what he learned from it. There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout his story but even with the time when he’s down he still manages to view it as a blessing. And finally, seeing the results of students who used their resources, not only with children with dyslexia but also with other kids with SPLD and non-SPLD as well.

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