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Podcast #38 Parents new to dyslexia deal with information overwhelm and under-resourced teachers

bvkid boulder colorado caron trout dyslexia Sep 05, 2022

We go deep in this podcast about how parents new to dyslexia have to deal with the overwhelm of information. Then the shock of how underinformed teachers are in educating dyslexics. The need to find outside help and community to find a way through the challenges to the solutions. Caron Trout, a mother of a 14-year-old, discovered he was dyslexic and became one of the founding members of BVKid from Boulder, Colorado.

Here are some snippets of what we covered.

The Wake-up call:  “Another parent said …‘Hey, I think your kid is really struggling …”

The Assessment:  “….I just wish we had sooner.”

Dealing with the overwhelm: “…trying to trust which information is really good … “

Finding help outside:  “…not having good information… breaks your trust as a parent. You’ve got to go outside…”

Trusting undertrained professionals: “I really trusted the professionals… Teachers were under-trained and not very well informed… that was also a shock”

Confidentiality creating shame: “…making … learning differences a taboo is really a shaming experience. We need to … talk openly about it.”

Making Dyslexia visible with Role Models: Children “…need to see what being dyslexic looks like.”

Being afraid to make waves.: “I think sometimes we’re afraid to make waves.”

Being alone is hard- Connect: “ I would just like to encourage other parents to connect with each other… Being alone is such a hard place.”

listen to the podcast now.

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