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Podcast #32 Impacts of Dyslexia on Adults and Children

cathy mcgee dyslexia dyslexia scotland Sep 05, 2022

If you are Scottish and involved in Dyslexia, this is one to listen to! Also, if you are involved in a dyslexia group, there is a lot to learn from how Dyslexia Scotland has grown over the last 50 yrs. 

In this episode, we explore the story of Dyslexia Scotland and all the things it can teach us about dyslexia itself and also other groups who help with dyslexia. It all began in 1968 with parent support groups and volunteers. Two main dyslexia organizations developed. The Scottish dyslexia trust, which gave grants and the other “Dyslexia in Scotland” which was about volunteer parents.

Cathy explains how in 2002 Jackie Stewart the famous formula 1 racing champion, helped pull together both these organizations into one, called Dyslexia Scotland in 2004.

Jackie Stewart found he was dyslexic through his teenage son being identified and is the President of Dyslexia Scotland and Vice President Of the British Dyslexia Association. 

Cathy explains how the biggest challenge that Dyslexia Scotland faced was how to raise awareness and solutions for the 500,000 adults and children with dyslexia in Scotland and maintain that wide scope.

We go into depth on the huge range of different things that are available through dyslexia Scotland and also some of the interesting challenges that are unexpected with dyslexia for adults in the workplace doing driving tests and so much more.

listen to the podcast now.

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