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Podcast #140: The Unconventional Scholar: From University Dropout to Master Negotiator - Susan Ibitz

Jan 25, 2024

In this episode of Dyslexia Explored, host Darius Namdaran invites listeners to discover the remarkable story of Susan Ibitz, a testament to overcoming dyslexia's challenges. This episode is a valuable resource for parents, educators, and tutors seeking insights into dyslexia's complexities. Susan candidly shares her tumultuous journey, including the pivotal moment of being dismissed from university at age 17 due to her dyslexia, and her subsequent extraordinary rise to pursue a dual master's in behavioral economics. 

Throughout the episode, topics like dyslexia in academia, alternative educational pathways, and the unique strengths of dyslexic individuals are thoroughly explored. Susan’s story provides a powerful narrative on the resilience and adaptability often required in the face of dyslexia, offering encouragement and practical insights for those navigating similar challenges. Engaging and informative, this episode is an essential listen for anyone looking to gain a deeper, empathetic understanding of dyslexia and the diverse experiences it entails.

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