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Podcast #139 With Dedicated Support: Navigating Adult Dyslexia with Jamecia Blount and Melissa Jury

1:1 coaching adult dyslexia dedicated support dyslexia tutoring Jan 09, 2024

In this episode, Darius Namdaran, invites you to delve into the unique and often overlooked perspective of adults learning to read with dyslexia. We're joined by the inspiring Jamecia Blount, a documentary TV producer and executive producer of the acclaimed music documentary series "Unsung," who discovered her dyslexia in adulthood. Jamecia's story is not just about challenges, but also about resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of dedicated support.

Darius, alongside Jamecia's dyslexia tutor Melissa Jury, who specializes in the Barton Reading Program, will explore the intricacies of adult dyslexia tutoring. They discuss the nuances of learning to manage dyslexia, developing reading skills, and the broader implications for executive function and mind mapping techniques. This episode is a must-listen for parents, educators, and tutors, offering a wealth of insights and practical advice. It's a celebration of the journey from realization to empowerment, and a testament to the impact of compassionate, skilled tutoring and coaching in unlocking potential. Join us in this enlightening conversation, as we dive into the world of adult dyslexia and discover what lies beyond the challenges.

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