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Podcast #133: Dyslexic Artist: Translating Curiosity into Art with Rebecca Kamen

ai ai art arts and science dyslexia dyslexia explored dyslexic artist rebecca kamen May 19, 2023

🎙️ Welcome to a brand new episode of Dyslexia Explored, where we delve into the fascinating world of dyslexia and its impact on everyday lives. Today, our host Darius Namdaran is thrilled to introduce Rebecca Kamen, a former professor, visiting scholar, and artist in residence at the University of Pennsylvania. Once seen as "not college material," Rebecca has transformed her narrative into one of immense success, spending over 35 years in sculpture and design, and bridging the worlds of art and science to understand the human mind.

In this compelling episode, Rebecca walks us through her early years before the discovery of her dyslexia, a time when her curiosity and supportive environment laid the foundation for her future endeavors. Get ready for an inspiring journey of defying stereotypes, embracing learning differences, and the influential power of curiosity. Listen to how Rebecca juggles her diverse interests - a common trait amongst individuals with dyslexia, and get a glimpse of her innovative work. This episode promises to motivate budding artists, curious scientists, and parents who are keen to foster their children's talents and passions. 🎙️

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Rebecca Kamen

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