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Podcast #132: Breaking Free from the "Stupid" Stereotype with Matt Bird

dyslexia entrepreneurs matt bird Apr 12, 2023
matt bird on dyslexia explored

Welcome to Dyslexia Explored, the podcast that delves into the fascinating world of dyslexia and the inspiring stories of those who've overcome their struggles. In this episode, we sit down with Matt Bird, a dyslexic entrepreneur who went from feeling "stupid" at school to achieving incredible success in his adult life. Matt has written 19 books, built multiple businesses, and runs a global foundation called Neighbor, which helps churches love their neighbors in communities.

Join us as we explore Matt's dyslexia journey, from his early struggles in school to his self-diagnosis in his twenties, and how he harnessed his unique abilities to create a thriving career. Listen in as Matt shares insights into his businesses, including a publishing company called Publish U and a property business in Italy. Find out how he turned his challenges into opportunities and became a shining example of dyslexic achievement. Don't miss this inspiring conversation that will leave you motivated and empowered.


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Some of the greatest visionaries, pioneers, and leaders the world has ever known were “dyslexic”. What makes them special is they found a way to focus and share their thoughts and ideas.

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