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Podcast #128: Autistic Author of Visual Thinking Book Talks about Taking Skills Back to Schools - Temple Grandin

autism cattle temple grandin Dec 19, 2022
Temple Grandin

Do you consider yourself a visual thinker? When Temple was interviewing people about how they think, she was shocked to know that some people are not thinking in pictures. She thought everybody thinks in pictures. 

I got the honur to talk to Temple Grandin, who is an autistic author, professor, inventor and many more. She did not talk until she was 3 years old. Fortunately, she had a speech therapist early. She was bullied for being weird but she loved flying things like airpalnes and kites. Today Temple is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and half of the cattle in the US are handled in facilities that Temple designed. She even has an Emmy Award-winning movie about her life produced by HBO and was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2016.

In this podcast, Temple shared how she came up with the idea of writing the book Visual Thinking during the lockdown. She also shared her concern about the diminishing high end trade jobs in the United States because of the change in the Education system.

If you’d like to learn more about Temple’s story listen to the podcast episode here iTunes / Spotify or look for Dyslexia Explored wherever you listen to podcasts.


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