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Podcast #126: EBLI | Teaching the World Other Ways to Teach Reading. Nora Chahbazi

dyslexia evidence-based literacy instruction nora chahbazi reading Nov 11, 2022
Nora Chahbazi

If you’ve ever tried teaching your child to read, you’ll know that it's not as easy as it looks, especially for a child with a learning difference. I had a great conversation with Nora Chahbazi, the founder of Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction or EBLI. She has been training and coaching teachers, parents, and educators for over 20 years to help them teach students how to read.


Nora shares her experience of how EBLI started and what made her choose to pursue the field. Her daughter was having trouble reading but the school didn’t think it was anything unusual. She started researching ways to help her child and found a revolutionary book that really made a difference for her child. Shortly after, Nora founded EBLI and now, they have trained thousands of teachers from around the world.  


Nora also sheds light on the different approaches to teaching reading, like balance literacy and phonics-based, and where her approach falls into the mix.


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