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Podcast #110 Dungeons & Dragons, Photographic Memory and Dyslexia with Andrew Nehring

andrew nehring dungeons and dragons dyslexia photographic memory Sep 07, 2022
We have a very fascinating story we’d like to share this week. It’s about Andrew Nehring who has a photographic memory, excellent auditory memory and dyslexia. It is a very interesting combination because people tend to correlate dyslexia with poor memory. Some of Andrew’s teachers didn’t believe he has dyslexia because he could relay what the teachers told him.
In this episode of Dyslexia Explored, I talked to Andrew Nehring as he shared his dyslexia story and how playing dungeons and dragons as a child helped him write stories for his books. Andrew has written 2 science fiction novels while he was in college. Now, he’s going to publish his 3rd book “David Massie and the Quantum Flux” this July 2021.

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