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Podcast #107 A Mum Wrote a Book Based on Her Daughter’s Dyslexia Journey. Aarian Daniels

aarian daniels dyslexia lex talk dyslexia Sep 07, 2022

This week, I had a great conversation with Aarian Daniels, a mum who has written a book based on her daughter’s dyslexia struggles. Aarian found out about dyslexia when her youngest daughter was diagnosed and fought the school for her daughter’s needs. 

She recently published her book about their dyslexia journey and how they overcame dyslexia. She also founded an organisation called “Lex Talk Dyslexia” to help other kids with dyslexia in their area get their much-needed resources and accommodations

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This is the Dyslexia Badge that Aarian’s daughter, Nauri Daniels, designed for Girls Scout. 

Links you might want to check:

Carey Overcomes Dyslexia” is a book about Carey, a young girl who learns to accept and overcome her dyslexia with support from her family. Join Carey on her journey to understand her learning disability, navigate the challenges that face her and ultimately overcome them.

Book is available on the following websites: 


Harness the Power of Dyslexia

Some of the greatest visionaries, pioneers, and leaders the world has ever known were “dyslexic”. What makes them special is they found a way to focus and share their thoughts and ideas.

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